Achieving excellence in textile projects demands the expertise of a highly skilled team, akin to the critical components of a well-functioning engine where every part, regardless of size, is essential for seamless operation.

Our global team is a mosaic of multidisciplinary professionals who bring their local expertise and global perspectives to the forefront. In Bangladesh, Shahnaj and Anis contribute invaluable insights into manufacturing, while Augusto leads our commercial strategies in the Americas. Lynn in China ensures the integrity of our supply chain, and Javier in Europe adapts our offerings to meet diverse market demands.

This international collaboration underscores our commitment to quality and innovation, making our vision of delivering bespoke textile solutions a tangible reality.

Our product line is crafted through a collaborative effort with several companies globally, with a notable portion of our production taking place in our Bangladesh factory—a source of great pride for us. This facility exemplifies our dedication to quality and ethical manufacturing practices.

Beyond Bangladesh, we diversify our manufacturing locations to leverage regional specialties. In China, we produce sports-related items, uniforms, fans, and keychains, utilizing the country’s advanced manufacturing capabilities. Pakistan supplies us with high-quality towels, and Türkiye is known for its exceptional shirts, showcasing local craftsmanship and design excellence.

This strategic global production approach allows us to offer a wide range of high-quality products, meeting the diverse needs of our customers while adhering to our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices in the textile industry.


Ensuring the welfare of our workforce is of paramount importance to us, recognizing that the success of each project hinges on the dedication and well-being of those who bring our products to life. To this end, we are committed to not only meeting but exceeding industry standards for worker compensation, safety, and health regulations.

We diligently ensure that all employees receive equitable remuneration that reflects their skill and dedication. Compliance with current legislation on occupational safety and health is strictly adhered to, ensuring a safe working environment that fosters productivity and well-being. Furthermore, we are dedicated to providing workspaces that are not only compliant with the highest standards but are also conducive to positive and efficient work dynamics.

This holistic approach to employee welfare underlines our belief in the intrinsic value of our people and our responsibility as an employer to create a nurturing and supportive work environment.



The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide standard for the production of organic fibers. It is the most strigent cerfication, based on ecological and social creterio.


Certifications on social responsibility are initiatives that aim to uphold not only the rights of workers but also those of their enviromment (community).


Sedex is an organization that promotes responsible and ethical business practices and improvement processes within the global supply chain, its objective is to foster ethical trade.


OEKO-TEX ® Standard 100 is one of the well-known standards globally for assessing harmful substances in textiles.


The Global Recycling Standard (GRS) is the world’s foremost standard for recycled textiles. It encompasses the entire supply chain and emphasizes traceability.


The Organic Content Standard (OCS) is a voluntary international standard that verifies the presence and quantity of organic material in a final product.






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